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Used car values are at an all-time high, fueled by a strong automobile market of quality used vehicles. In many cases, vehicle depreciation has lapsed or even reversed for a large subset of the used vehicle population. In other words, some cars are going up in value. As a result, your car is likely worth more than you think and quite possibly more than you owe on it.

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Selling your car to HelloAuto Group is an upfront, quick, and convenient way to maximize what you can get for your car.  Our no-pressure approach makes the process seamless and a welcome alternative to other dealership experiences.  Say hello to the refreshingly easy way to sell your car.


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Get an up-front, fair and convenient offer in minutes.  It’s hassle-free with no late-night phone calls or strangers at your door. Avoid the stress of 3rd party payments.  We’re good for our offer and handle the paperwork to close your lein holder account (if applicable).   When you trade in your car and/or purchase another, you can rest assured that the title work will be handled quickly and correctly.


Frequently Asked Questions. 

Hello Auto Group uses Kelly Blue Book to determine your vehicle’s value based on the market and its condition. Kelly Blue book calculates the most accurate vehicle values based on current market information.

Your offer is good to bring in for 7 days. You are welcome to resubmit after that time period has passed, but the offer may be different based on market changes

Hello Instant Cash Offers are subject to an in-person inspection of your vehicle’s condition and details such as VIN, mileage, trim, and equipment. The offer assumes that the vehicle is unmodified and has all original equipment from the factory.

To sell your car to Hello, you need a government-issued ID, A copy of your offer, vehicle registration, vehicle title or lienholder information and all keys to the car.

Once the sale is complete and we receive the title of the vehicle a check will be issued.

Of course! Similar to a financed car, we will work with the company that holds your lease to determine your equity and payoff.

Yes, you can! We are happy to purchase your car, even if you do not buy one from us.

With all the proper paperwork in hand, the process will take minutes!

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