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Protect you new vehicle for the future, allowing you peace of mind that your vehicle is protected and covered.  No matter what.

About Hello Protection

With Hello Protection, we are here to help you keep your investment protected

from any future unexpected costs on the road. We are committed to helping

people protect their automotive assets with affordable plans and solutions.

In order to protect your vehicle, we offer many options below.

Vehicle Service Contract

When purchasing your new vehicle, your manufacturer’s

warranty does not cover all the technological components

and major working parts that can be costly to repair. Our

Vehicle Service Contracts can bridge the gap in coverage

and make sure you have no unexpected costs on the road.

Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan

As described in your owners manual, part of your ownership

responsibility is maintaining your vehicle according to the 

manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.

With a pre-paid Maintenance plan… it’s easy to stay on track

and avoid the costs of future repairs.

Tire & Wheel Plan

With our Tire & Wheel Protection Plan, you will have peace of

mind knowing your tires and wheels are covered if they are

damaged by a road hazard such as nails, screws, glass or

potholes on the road.

GAP Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) helps protect you when

the amount you owe exceeds what car insurance pays in

case of theft or an accident resulting in a total loss of the vehicle.

Protect your investment and have peace of mind with extra insurance coverage

Paint & Fabric Protection

The Paint & Fabric Protection provides a lasting protective

barrier and creates an easy to clean surface.  That is 

designed to protect your vehicle’s fabric, carpet, dashboard, leather,

paint, and vinyl without any impact on appearance.

Key Replacement

Replacing a key can cost hundreds of dollars.  Our Key 

repair and Replacement Plan not only protects you against

the expense of lost or stolen keys, but it can eliminate the

hassles of a stressful situation.

Paintless Dent Repair

Dents and dings happen.

Our Paintless Dent Repair will protect you from

the unexpected costs of repairing them.

Our innovative process can remove small dings and dents

from painted sheet metal.

Be Confident in Your Coverage

We make options easy and available for you

You can do your own research ahead of time. You can choose your own coverage plan and feel confident in the protection of your vehicle. 

You won’t get blindsided by a hard-selling Finance Manager. Your Client Advisor will walk you through all of the packages and options.



Combo Plans

Ask your Client Advisor about our 3-in-1, 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 Combo Protection Plans.



Hello Protection Packages

All of our stores offer protection packages and bundles that suit your needs.




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