Battery Services


Get peace of mind that your car will start every time.

We’ve all dealt with dead batteries before. A dead car battery can render your car immobile and bring much inconvenience to your life. Fortunately, with a little preventative care, your battery can keep you and your car energized for several years. The typical useful life of a car battery is five years – anywhere beyond five years and you’re taking a gamble.

There are several factors that play into the useful life and efficiency of your battery. The biggest factors are age, weather and changing conditions. Batteries faced with constant high temperatures have a lower useful life. Batteries in cars making short trips do not get fully charged, contributing to increased discharge and shorter life expectancy. Climate and changing conditions can also contribute to corrosion on your battery terminals. For this reason, it’s important to have your terminals inspected, cleaned and kept free of corrosion.

If you’re curious about the condition of your battery, a battery test can be conducted quickly and easily at your Hello Auto Group service center, giving you peace of mind that it will start every time.

Battery Services FAQ:

A: If you hear a clicking noise when trying to start your car, you likely have a battery issue. Your battery is likely drained and lacking the necessary cranking power to turn your car over. A jump start should be able to get your car running temporarily. Once running, visit your closed Hello Auto service center to get your charging system inspected.

A: Key contributors to drained batteries are charging system issues and accessories, such as lights that are left on after shutting down the car. A poorly maintained battery, or one beyond its useful life, can also drain through normal use.

A: If your battery is bulging and feels overly hot to the touch, you likely have an issue with your charging system. Too much charge can cause bulging and, in some cases, can cause your battery to explode. A bulging battery should get inspected immediately.

A: Cold temperatures can limit even the healthiest batteries from providing the initial surge of electricity necessary to start your vehicle. Additionally, cold weather increases the thickness of engine oil, making it harder to start your vehicle.

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