Roadside Assistance

October 27th, 2023 by

Two staff members of Hello Auto Group were heading home after a long day of work. The day had been filled with the usual tasks and interactions, but little did they know that their evening was about to take an unexpected turn. As they navigated their way home, their eyes caught a dog running towards the street. Slowing down, they noticed a dog was without an owner. Without hesitation, they pulled over to the side of the road. They approached the dog together. They attempted to get the dog to safety with gentle words and soothing gestures. They were able to keep the dog out of the street as they went door to door in the neighborhood, knocking to see if they could find the dog’s home. Unfortunately, they had no such luck. A police officer’s vehicle pulled up, and a kind-hearted officer stepped out to lend a hand. The trio, now a team, coordinated their efforts and managed to help the dog, gently helping the dog into the police officer’s vehicle to take him to the shelter to check for a microchip. The staff member’s thoughts turned to the supportive community they knew existed on Facebook. With over 45,000 members, the platform has been a source of helping many lost pets find their homes. They snapped a photo of the dog, detailing their location. Within moments, the post garnered attention to help reunite the dog with its owner. The staff member checked the Facebook group and received a notification that the dog was safe and back with its owner. The great deed that the Hello staff was a reminder that even during our busy lives, a single act of kindness has the power to create an impact of positivity that touches the lives of many including our furry friends.

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