Pampering a New Mom

October 27th, 2023 by

Hello Auto Group is more than just a place to buy cars; it was a place where their staff genuinely care about their customers and community. A new mom and dad with their kids visited the dealership to buy a new car for their growing family. The new mom had recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl, and her family had grown to four members. However, the joy of the new addition was overshadowed by the challenges they had faced. Just as the baby girl was born, the older sister, a four-year-old, tested positive for COVID-19. The family had been separated for a while, with the older sister receiving necessary medical care while the new mom took care of the newborn. One of the Client Advisors at Hello noticed the exhaustion in the new mom’s eyes as she shared her story. The advisor couldn’t help but be moved by the strength and resilience of this family. Understanding how hard it can be to be a mom, especially during challenging times, the advisor was inspired to make a difference in their lives. The Client Advisor decided to take it upon themselves to surprise the new mom and her big sister on the day they visited the Love Encore Specialist to finalize their new Subaru. As the family went over the features of their new vehicle, with the help of Subaru, they arranged a surprise basket. In it, there was a voucher for an hour-long, much-needed massage for the new mom, a gift card to Grubhub to make their busy days a bit easier, and the big sister’s favorite character, Bluey, in the form of a cozy blanket for big sister to cuddle with her new baby sister. They also included cute Bluey jewelry pieces and a pair of best friend bracelets for the big sister and her new sister. This gesture deeply moved the family. As the family left the dealership that day, they drove away in a new Subaru with hearts full of gratitude. They had experienced firsthand the genuine care and dedication of Hello. The team had shown them that this dealership was more than just a place to buy a car; it was a place that understood the challenges of motherhood and was committed to making a positive impact on its customers and the community. With 50% of the corporate team and 30% of its employees are women, Hello Auto Group is a diverse and empathetic workplace that truly cares about people.

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