Heros by Instinct

October 27th, 2023 by

A young man at Hello Auto Group, with his mother and brother, was there to get service done for their family vehicle. They were in the service waiting area, when the young man started having a seizure. The Hello team sprang into action. A sales manager rushed and dialed 911, calmly relaying the situation to the dispatcher. Meanwhile, a team member heard the distress and rushed over. Trained in first aid, she assessed the situation with a composed demeanor, her mind recalling the steps she had learned. She carefully guided the young man to ensure his safety, preventing any harm his involuntary movements might have caused. As the crisis unfolded, the young man’s brother stood frozen, his eyes wide with fear and confusion. Sensing his distress, the same staff member helped the young man with gentleness reassuring him that his brother would be okay. While the mother spoke urgently with other family members over the phone, the Hello staff took charge, aiding her in providing clear directions to the dealership. They offered their support every step of the way, ensuring that her focus remained on her son’s well-being. Soon, the wailing sirens of an ambulance and a firetruck arrived at the dealership. The first responders took over and helped the young man carefully onto a stretcher and rushed to the hospital, his mother at his side. Later that week, the Hello team, embodying the spirit of community and empathy, decided to go above and beyond. They covered the cost of the family’s 30,000 mile vehicle service, a small but heartfelt gesture. Additionally, they made a thoughtful get-well basket for the young man tailored to his interests – red Beats headphones, a Spiderman hat, a wall-climbing Spiderman remote control car, and a Roblox gift card. The brother received a remote-control robot of his favorite character, Wall-E. During an unexpected crisis, Hello demonstrated the power of unity, compassion, and quick thinking. They became heroes not through capes or superpowers but through their humanity. The dealership’s genuine care for their customers turned into an ordinary day and showcased their support and kindness that makes Hello Auto Group not your typical dealerships.

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