Community is the cornerstone of our business. We are your neighbors. When it comes down to it, we have a simple philosophy: Do well individually. Do better together. That’s why we set aside $25 from every vehicle sale and $1 from every repair job and put it back into the local community. But it’s more than money. It’s the pride our employees have knowing they get two paid volunteer days a year. It’s how we constantly seek out new opportunities to give back. It’s the best way we know to say Hello.

We have pillars that we stand by and support company-wide. These pillars are what makes Hello Gives Back a reality for our business.

We believe that everyone can use a helping hand at some point in thier lives. We can help individuals and families in every shape we can. Whether it be supporting cancer patients, helping families in need, finding animals good homes, or supporting those who need it most.

Hello Subaru of Valencia Jessica at Event

Many people go above and beyond their everyday lives. We believe in helping those who help us, supporting our first responders and those who dedicated their lives to protect our country.

A person’s well-being is a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. We believe that everyone should have the chance to be all of those things. From the earth we live on, to a person’s mental state, we believe that everyone’s well-being is important.

The way we learn, grow, and evolve all begins with the education of our population and young people. That’s why we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity for quality education. We believe in supporting our local schools and providing assistance to those that need it.

Feeling comfortable, included and needed is a part of our state of wellbeing. We believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly, no matter who they are.


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