Having a Peachy Day

September 5th, 2023 by

Hello Auto Group and Peachland Avenue Elementary School partnered for Hello’s commitment to Adopt a Classroom and give back to their community. Peachland Avenue Elementary School is within the Newhall school district, serving ten schools and nearly 6,000 students, with 70% of students representing various minority groups. The challenges were also evident, with 40.4% of the students coming from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Hello knew the “Adopt a Classroom” program would help benefit the teachers who do so much for these students. On the day of delivery, Principal Katrina Stroh’s warm smile welcomed the Hello team to the school premises. Accompanied by the school’s administrators and teachers, her enthusiasm set the tone for the day ahead with her smile. The Hello team arrived with boxes of much-needed school supplies, each item carefully selected to help enhance the learning experience for every student. Hello team brought a bus cutout with messages of inspiration and gratitude from the entire Hello team and customers for the teachers. Hello Auto Group, presented the $3,000 credit the teachers will receive to help support them in their classrooms. 

Peachland staff expressed the gratitude they felt towards Hello. Teachers who had dedicated their lives to nurturing young minds now received the support they deserved. Clearly, this collaboration was destined to endure and evolve over time, fostering a relationship built on shared values. The Assistant Principal and Principal of Peachland Avenue Elementary took a moment to express their gratitude. In heartfelt emails, they shared their sentiments with Hello: “Peachland Roadrunners send a huge thank you to Hello Auto Group! Smiles were huge, and hearts were filled. With gratitude, Peachland,” and “It was so much fun announcing the donation and watching our teachers’ surprised faces when we told them about the Adopt A Classroom credit. We are very grateful.” These words were a powerful affirmation of Hello’s impact on the school community. With every act of kindness, every box of supplies, and every note of gratitude, Hello Auto Group commitment to giving back was an example of how their dealerships are so much more. 

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