Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

April 10th, 2024 by

Hello Auto Group and JCI of Santa Clarita partnered for the third time to sponsor and participate in the Get Real Adulting 101 event, a fun, unique, and interactive financial education simulation aimed at empowering high school juniors and seniors. Over 200 students from Bowman High School were welcomed to participate in this fun event to learn valuable lessons on financial literacy. The total minority enrollment for this school is 83%, and 51% of students are economically disadvantaged. This was the perfect event for these students. Get Real Adulting 101 is not just an event; It’s an immersive experience that challenges students to manage a budget in a simulated environment, mirroring the financial responsibilities they’ll face in the real world. Hello Auto Group actively participated by sponsoring and setting up a booth dedicated to transportation; they played a crucial role in educating students about the financial aspects of buying a vehicle. Like the board game of LIFE, the event’s interactive nature allowed students to learn about interest rates, down payments, and the importance of a good credit score when applying for a car loan. With the support of 10 other sponsors, the event was made accessible for Bowman students, ensuring that financial education is accessible to all. Kari McCoy, co-chair of Get Real: Adulting 101, expressed gratitude for the support received from sponsors like Hello Auto Group. This impactful partnership between Hello Auto Group and JCI shows their dedication to making a positive difference in the Santa Clarita community. They had four groups of 50 students, and 40-minute rounds provided students with a fictional identity, a career, and a salary, allowing them to decide on housing, transportation, and food—surprise situations, such as unexpected expenses or windfalls. Hello Auto Group has worked with JCI multiple times, witnessing firsthand the organization’s dedication to creating positive changes in the Santa Clarita area. The commitment to giving back and inspiring young citizens aligns seamlessly with Hello Auto Group’s values. Get Real Adulting 101 provides a unique and engaging platform for local businesses to contribute to the education and empowerment of young adults. Hello Auto Group, in partnership with JCI of Santa Clarita, is proud to participate in this impactful initiative. By imparting valuable financial knowledge to teens and young adults, they are helping shape a community better equipped to face the challenges of adulthood with confidence.

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