“Changing Lives. Healing Relationships. Helping People Thrive”

December 11th, 2023 by


The Child and Family Center hosted a Donor’s Breakfast to express heartfelt appreciation to those who generously supported the organization’s mission. Warm smiles and an immediate sense of belonging greeted the Hello staff. A delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausages, ham, freshly brewed coffee, orange juice, and pastries was ready to serve all attendees. Jessica, the Giving Coordinator, and Julie, the Executive Assistant, spoke with a few people, and they expressed how Hello Auto Group is doing great things in the Community. Everyone connected over their shared dedication to their love for their city, Santa Clarita. Soon, Nikki Buckstead, the organization’s CEO, stepped forward to kick off the presentation. She began to share the incredible impact the Child and Family Center made in the Community. Their guiding principles, “Changing Lives. Healing Relationships. Helping People Thrive,” resonated in the hearts of everyone there. Nikki spoke about the organization’s growth and vital role in the Community. “Strengthening families today for stronger communities tomorrow” became more than just a slogan; it was a call to action that had transformed lives. With over 150 dedicated staff members, the center made a difference in the lives of over 900 children, youth, and families every month. The statistics told a powerful story of the center’s impact in the past year. A staggering 3,461 crisis hotline calls had been answered, providing crucial support to those in need. The center had provided 315 bed-nights of shelter, offering a haven for individuals facing domestic violence. Additionally, 718 survivors had received individual and group counseling services, with over 1,800 group counseling sessions conducted. As the presentation unfolded, Jessica and Julie couldn’t help but be moved by the depth of the center’s reach and the lives it touched. A presentation highlight came when Nikki expressed gratitude for the partnerships that made it all possible. Hello realized that the Child and Family Center’s success was about the unwavering support of everyone involved and all who believe in the power of change. Giving back genuinely made a difference in the Community where we all live and work.

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