A Walk to End Domestic Violence

October 27th, 2023 by

The Purple Palooza 5k Color Walk, hosted by the Child and Family Center, is an event dedicated to raising awareness about domestic violence and providing support to survivors. This event helped raise over $75,000 in funds to support the Child & Family Center’s Domestic Violence Programs. Their programs offer essential domestic violence services for individuals and their children in abusive relationships, providing safety, shelter, and unwavering support. One in three women and one in four men have experienced physical violence from their partners. 81 million people worldwide have been subjected to psychological aggression within their intimate relationships, and one in six homicide victims are killed by their intimate partners. These statistics underline the urgency of the support and awareness raised by events like Purple Palooza. This year’s event, Hello Auto Group, was the title sponsor and contributed over $11,000 to the cause. The Purple Palooza 5k Color Walk was a truly inspiring event, especially for the staff members of Hello who had overcome their own experiences with domestic violence. This event held a deep personal significance for them, and they had over 51 participants sign up for the walk. Throughout October, employees proudly wore purple ribbons to show their support and spread awareness about domestic violence in the dealership. They also took time to write inspirational messages on special custom cards. Hello had over 50 staff members write letters to inspire survivors through their words. One staff member wrote, “I hope when you come home from now on you feel warmth and comfort. I hope there is so much more color in your world now, and one day, you’ll let yourself be loved by others the way you deserve. The strongest thing you’ve done is take the first step out of the doorway, never look back.” Another staff member shared her story in hope to inspire others, “I once sat in a group at the DV center like you. I used to think that I did not belong there. I was wrong. I found new friends, strength, support, resilience, and to always have self-care. My friend, you are worth it! You deserve to celebrate who you’ve become and who you could’ve become and fought not to be. Be grateful for a second chance and always look forward to what’s to come. You’ve got this!” The act of wearing purple ribbons and writing messages of hope is a reminder of the importance of the cause they are standing for. On the event day, attendees embraced the theme as they wore their best purple attire, dyeing their hair in shades of purple and wearing stylish purple wigs and purple tutus to show their support. There were multiple vendors, a DJ, a pancake breakfast for the participants, a Pup-a-Palooza pageant, a guest speaker, and so much more. Attendees who visited the Hello booth received giveaways and a chance to win a raffle prize of a wine bottle, two elegant glass cups, a relaxing 50-minute massage, scented candles, and a luxurious body scrub for one lucky winner. The Pup-a-Palooza pageant’s purpose was not only to show off the best-dressed pets but also to shed light on the seriousness of domestic violence and the dangers it imposes on pets. It was a privilege to witness guest speaker Luz Sanchez, a survivor of domestic violence, sharing her inspiring story with others. The emotional impact of her speech left many in tears of hope and inspiration. She ended her speech with a powerful message, “You are worth fighting for, your children are worth fighting for, your life is worth fighting for; you matter, and your story can serve as a guiding light for those still lost in the shadows of abuse. For those men and women that sit in silence, remember you are not alone, you are valuable, you are worth it, you truly make this world a better place.” Hello purchased and passed out purple roses to all the walkers as they crossed the finish line and received their medals. It was an act of kindness that symbolized admiration for the survivors of domestic violence. The Purple Palooza 5k Color Walk, with Hello Auto Group generous support, was not just a community event; it was a testament to the power of unity and compassion. It was an event that made an impact on everyone involved, touched hearts, and spread awareness.

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