A Night of Giving

October 27th, 2023 by

The team at Hello Auto Group partnered with the WiSH Education Foundation to host “Cocktails on the Roof.” This fundraiser aims at bridging the educational funding gap in the William S. Hart Union High School District, which helps nearly 22,000 students. WiSH has established 16 wellness centers throughout the district, providing students with a safe space to de-stress and access wellness resources, promoting emotional well-being. During the pandemic, WiSH recognized the growing number of displaced and homeless students in the district and distributed over 300 desks and chairs to any student in need, enhancing their confidence and performance during challenging times. They even provided out-of-circulation Chromebooks to these students who needed computer access. WiSH’s dedication to benefiting every student in the district is truly remarkable. The “Cocktails on the Roof” event is a testament to how they involve the community to support these initiatives. The event was held in the Hello Subaru of Valencia service area. They transformed the space from a service drive to a beautiful outdoor venue with lights, VIP lounges, a dance floor, and more. Local vendors, businesses, and entrepreneurs set up their booths, serving food and cocktails. The attendees enjoyed an unforgettable event filled with live music, dancing, and everyone coming together from the community and having a great time. Hello Auto Group employees volunteered as shuttle drivers, bringing guests to and from the venue in brand new Foresters and Accents. Over 250 people attended the event, which helped raise a total of $60,000 that night. These funds will support the William S. Hart Union High School district students, empowering them with resources and opportunities they might not have otherwise. “Cocktails on the Roof” was more than just an event; it was a celebration of community and the commitment to support the young minds in the district. As the night ended, all those who attended reminded them that together, they could make a significant difference in the lives of thousands of students.

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